Oct 12, 2013

The Rules - First posts

In case you haven't noticed, the first few pages of the rules for ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE have been posted. This includes the largely unfinished Introduction, Character Creation (and examples of PC Sheets), the rules for Skill Use and the Combat System. I've also added placeholders for the other sections.

ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE is currently in beta form, which means that - though it is playable - it is neither complete nor are its rules locked down in its final form. So everything is subject to change. Furthermore, because this is a work-in-progress, minor issues such as, oh I don't know, EDITING are being given less importance. Legibility (like making sure you can make out all the tables) and readability (stuff like speling and grammer) are areas I intend to improve on... later.

You'll also notice that each page is prefaced by a rather ugly "beta" warning (similar to the one you are reading here) and licensing notice; these are - again - just temporary and will be removed from the individual pages once the work is complete.

Still, for all its ugly flaws, it's a start. I hope to continue adding more sections (and updating existing sections) as the days and weeks go by.


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