Oct 11, 2013


 ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE is a new table-top roleplaying game currently in development. Designed to be easy to learn and quick to play, it puts players in the roles of survivors struggling to survive a world overrun by the ravenous, shambling hordes of undead. ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE uses its own D6 game-system to resolve actions swiftly. It has been in development for several years and is currently considered to be in beta.

At the moment, there is no content on this website (it's little more than a placeholder). As time goes by, I will post the rules system for others to read and use in their own adventures. Long term, I hope to make the complete rules for ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE available as a downloadable PDF and perhaps even as a hard-copy should anyone want a printed version.

So prepare yourself. This is just the beginning. The end is yet to come.

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