Nov 13, 2013

Hey, We're Listed!

Hey, I just noticed that ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE is listed on Free RPGs On The Web. Cool! I didn't even know this site existed before this. What a neat resource. Look at all those awesome games!

Here's my listing: 
Zombiepocalypse by Spalls Hurgenson
Keywords: genre horror modern rules-lite open-license
A post-apocalyptic game set after zombies have taken over the world. Character creation is by taking binary "player's option" choices which may taken at any time. It uses a simple dice-pool system, rolling d6s based on complexity of the action, where 4-6 indicates success, modified by difficulty and possibly an application option. ~20 pages HTML. 
I'd say that's pretty accurate. Hmm, apparently I use a "dice-pool" and "application options"; who knew?  Thanks guys; always great to be recognized ;-)

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