Nov 13, 2013

More Stuff

Added some tweaks and began working on the "Game Master" section of the rules. You can see the outline of what I intend on the Settings and Adventures page. But mostly it was clarifications and edits (I think all the tables should fit on the page instead of stretching past the right margin).

Machine Guns were changed slightly; they are now quicker to reload (two rounds instead of four) but they need to be deployed (placed on a bipod or otherwise stabilized prior to firing) or the character suffers a -2 penalty to the "To-Hit" roll. I like the idea of GMs giving the players heavy weapons like machine guns to play with, but they are extremely powerful weapons (characters can make FIVE attacks per round with them) so I try to balance it out by making them less useful on-the-go. Ideally, players will use the MG for big battles but when it comes to relocate the big gun will be left behind.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, my zombie-fever has receded a bit. I need to find another group to play with to maintain the Infection.

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