Nov 4, 2013

The Zombie Aficionado

I'm enough of a fan of the zombie genre to enjoy the comics, movies and games but I'm no expert in the genre. I have a hard time telling apart a Romero zombie flick from one made by Jack Snyder; a zombie is a zombie, right? But there are some who would consider this attitude the vilest of heresies and my friend Jon Cross from the After Movie Diner would be one of these. Dare not even suggest that the runners from 28 Days Later are in the same league as the shambling hordes of Dawn of the Dead unless you are ready for a thoroughly entertaining and well-researched twenty minute diatribe on the subject.

Jon is an expert on the subject; if he doesn't own a copy of every zombie movie ever made, it is probably because some of them were never released to the public. His horror movie collection is disturbingly huge, and his knowledge of the genre is incredible. He's also a talented effects artist and runs his own podcast. Heck, he's even starred in a number of independent movies (ask him about his part in Zombies!). Plus he has that awesome British accent that makes him sound so stylish to the American ear. Sorry ladies, he's married!

So if you need a zombie question answered, Jon is the one to turn to. Otherwise, it's well worth visiting his blog and listening to his podcast anyway; if you enjoy fun commentary and reviews of movies - horror or otherwise - you'll be glad that you did.

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