Dec 2, 2013

Updated Ammo

 What do I do on Thanksgiving? I re-write the the rules for how ammunition gets counted in ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE. Because, well, why not?

Actually, it's more of a clarification than a true re-write. There is less dependency on Clips (the number of times you can attack before you need to reload); now ammo is primarily counted in Shots. Clips were a left-over from before the game had any sort of inventory or encumbrance system (back in those salad days, you could effectively carry an infinite amount of bullets). With the development of the inventory system, the difference between how many attacks you had versus how many clips you could carry made everything a bit complicated. So now it's just Shots, with Clips referring only to how many Shots your weapon can hold before it needs to be reloaded.

Hopefully this will make everything simpler and more streamlined. That is one of the goals of the game, after all.

Trying to get a band together for another game. The winter holidays are almost upon us, and I can't think of a better way to "deck the halls" than to splatter zombie-brains all over the pavement, can you?

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