Jan 31, 2014

Rules, Rules and more Rules!

D20 Die
Added some new stuff. These are optional rules and I'm not entirely sold on them; they may be changed or deleted in future revisions

To begin with, we have some optional rules on Dismemberment for those wanting gorier and more lethal combat. Intended to be mostly used against monsters, it lets the GM roll a couple dice to see if any attack that causes an Injury also lops off part of a limb. It's not necessary to the game and slows down combat too much for my taste, but if you want body parts flying about,  this one is for you.

Next, there is Friendly Fire. These rules are used to determine if any of those missed attacks hit somebody else, be they Monster or fellow Player Character. Like the Dismemberment rules, I discourage GMs from using them because they slow down the combat sequence (every missed shot would require at least three additional rolls of the die: the first to determine if Friendly fire is applicable, the second to determine who gets hit, and a third to see how much damage they take) but some players like this sort of thing.

I added a quick addendum to the optional Food and Water requirements, allowing characters to delay the onset of penalties by going on half rations. Basically, if you use half rations, it takes twice as long before the first penalties are applied.

Lastly, I modified any mention of the Automatic Rifle to also include Sub-machine Guns (SMGs); as far as the game is concerned they are one and the same.

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