Jan 13, 2014

Splash Damage and Combat Maneuvering

A couple new additions to the rule-set.

The first is for splash damage, which is damage caused by grenades or other explosions. It is fairly similar to how splash damage is determined in other games; the explosion will affect a specified number of surrounding hexes. A die roll is used to determine which hexes are in the area of effect. Then a Damage roll is made for each affected Hex to see just how badly the target in that hex is shredded. One difference between other systems and Zombiepocalypse is that separate "To Hit" rolls for each Hex are not required.

The second addition is for maneuvering in combat. Essentially, it allows players or monsters to move 1 Hex and still allowing them to take an action or attack without any penalties, so long as that movement is a prelude to an actual attack. Basically, it just lets characters get into combat range or a better line of sight without wasting a whole round or penalizing them. I am not entirely sure of this rule and may excise it after further playtesting.

Plus, the usual tweaks, changing a word here or there for better clarity.

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