Jan 29, 2014

ZPocalypse Dice Set

Ooh, nice dice!

I have no familiarity with Green Brier's ZPocalypse boardgame, but I gotta say this:  I like their dice! And they work perfectly with ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE too! I am especially fond of their blue "ammo" dice, which I use as counters for how many shots are left. Reload the gun, turn the die so the "six" is face up, shoot, change the die so it shows "five", shoot and turn the die to four, and so on. Regular dice work, but these dice are much more stylish. Then I use the red dice for everything else. And the bag is stylish too!

While I one day dream of having my own dice for the game, in the meantime I wholeheartedly recommend the ZPocalypse dice to any ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE  players.

Meanwhile, attentive readers may notice a number of minor tweaks and clarifications (too many to list) throughout the entire game. Not to mention fixing an embarrassing typo in the very first paragraph of the introduction...

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