Feb 5, 2014

Zombieslaying: Fun and Friends

The PCs battle it out in an office building lobby
Saturday was fun. I invited a bunch of friends to a game of Zombiepocalypse and - gathered around a small table - they did their best not to get overrun by the undead hordes as they escaped a skyscraper in a major city. Dark elevator shafts, ghoul infested cubicles, a random earthquake and an unexpectedly-placed machine gun nest were just some of the encounters. Three characters met their unexpected demise while on the other side uncounted zombies were returned to their grave.

One of my goals with the session was to experiment with some of the new rules I had added since last Halloween; unfortunately, much of the adventure was fairly mundane and some of the more esoteric systems went unused. Still, this session confirmed my belief that adjusting the "To Hit" of the Zombies so they are successful on a 5 and 6 was the right decision. I may have to work a bit on how cars work in the game, though as it felt a bit too clunky and complex; there were just too many dice-rolls to keep track of and too many tables that needed to be checked to determine what those dice rolls meant.

I did get a chance to play with my new whiteboard, which makes a much more convenient battle-mat. It looked much less nerdy too, although that advantage was stricken as soon as I pulled out the dice and miniatures. It's small enough to fit in my backpack but large enough to give the players an idea of the layout of the surrounding territory.

We all seemed to have fun and the two newbies who joined our session expressed interest in playing again, so I consider it a success all around. I am encouraged at how easily new players pick up the basics, although it has made me reconsider certain aspects of the game that I intend to go over in the near future.

It also made me realize I need to add a dedication page for all the people who have helped me, either with their suggestions or by play-testing the game with me. Until I get around to that, a hearty thanks to AJ, Jon, Joe, Taye and Savark for the excellent adventure!

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