Mar 21, 2014


It's been close to a month since last I posted, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working on the game; far from it. There's been lots of playtesting and updates to the rules; I just haven't taken the time to upload them onto the web. Well, I took the time today!

What changed? Well, the write-up for the combat-system got a pretty major re-vamp. Hopefully it reads more clearly now; most of the changes are structural rather than actual adjustments to the rules. But there have been minor tweaks throughout, including adjustments to the To-Hit and Damage bonuses for various weapons (fans of automatic rifles beware; you only get two Hits per round instead of the three you formerly enjoyed).  Other changes include a major revamp of how to handle things when players decide to ram zombies in their car, the range at which you can throw a grenade (it's been doubled), and what happens when a zombie Breaches a barricade. Oh, and the zombies formerly known as "Hulks" got renamed to "Titans" to avoid any nasty trademark issues.

So basically, lots of stuff. More to come, too.

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