May 23, 2014


Well, I made some more updates. I call this the "Bam! Boom! and Whoosh!" updates for reasons that hopefully will become apparent shortly.

The "BAM" portion refers to a small change made to the Titan, one of the Grotesque zombies. The titan is the heavy in the undead horde; a giant mass of bone and muscle, furious at the world and ready to flatten anybody in its way. It already was a deadly opponent to any survivors who were unlucky enough to encounter it; now it's even meaner.

With this update, the titan can now charge up to 5 Hex in a round. While it normally has a movement of 3, if it is within 5 Hex of a target, it can break into a fast run and slam into its prey like a runaway truck. The Living are still faster, but not much and Players who feel safe if a zombie is 4 Hex away are in for a rude surprise.

But that's not all the titans have going for them now; not only are they faster, but they are hardier too. Any successful attack made against a titan uses a special Damage roll. A roll of 1 indicates the titan was completely unfazed by the strike; it isn't even staggered. A roll of 2 through 4 results in a Stagger; a 5 is an Injury and a 6 (as usual) is a Kill. Stopping these guys has gotten even tougher!

Fortunately, the Living have a new tool at their disposal, which brings us to the "BOOM" of our update. Now the Player Characters have at their disposal a Grenade Launcher. Like the more-commonly found hand grenade, the grenade launcher has a +1 Bonus to the Damage roll, and affects the targeted Hex plus one additional Hex through Splash Damage. The Grenade Launcher has twice the range of the hand grenade, however; it can reach targets up to 12 Hex out. But it is not a tool for the careless; any attacks made against targets within 1-2 Hex require the attacker to roll Damage against himself as well (albeit with a -1 Penalty).

Lastly, we get to the "WHOOSH". This bit of onomatopoeia is in reference to the changes made to the Movement rules . Prior to this change, all Player Characters and Monsters had two different Movement speeds: one for how fast they moved in combat, and another for their speed outside of combat. But in playtesting this proved an oft-ignored and confusing distinction and now all characters have a single movement rate. As a rule of thumb, the Living now move at a flat 6 Hex per round, and the Undead (with some exceptions) move at 3 Hex per round.

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