May 23, 2014

Encounter Hooks

Hey, here's a hefty update. This is something that I have had on the back-burner for a while, adding to it whenever whimsy struck me.

Anyway, check it out: I've added a list of 120 Encounter Hooks to be used in any ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE adventure.

What are Encounter Hooks? They are short snippets that can be used to develop random encounters in almost any adventure. They are purposefully generic and do not go into much detail so they will work in almost any setting. These aren't intended to be the only possible encounters, but they offer the harried Game Master a nice, varied selection that he can use when the usual "zombies attack" encounters start to grow a bit tiresome. For added variety, use the Random Encounter Modification table to add extra details.

Personally, I recommend just picking and choosing from the list, but for those who want true randomness, roll 24d6 -24 (and re-roll any 0s). Heh.

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