This page lists various downloadable resources for the Zombiepocalypse Role-Playing Game. Additional files will be put here as they become available.

The Zombiepocalypse Game Manual
The whole game - all the rules and tables - in one convenient and downloadable package.
Download (PDF)

Player's Cheat Sheet
A handy two-page document for quick-reference of the most important rules and tables.
Download (PDF)

Game Tokens
Full-color tokens used to represent the Player Characters, Zombies, and any other survivors. Also includes tokens for to indicate whether a character is Staggered or Injured.
Download (PDF)

Player Character Record Sheet
A useful form for Players to keep track of their character's Injuries, inventory, ammunition and more. Four forms to a page, full color.
Download (PDF)

Zombiepocalypse RPG Logo
Our colorful and friendly logo, suitable for printing..
Download (PDF)

(c) 2014 Spalls Hurgenson

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