Encounters are the lifeblood of Zombiepocalypse; they are what make the game “go”. Because, let's face it, Zombiepocalypse is not a game suited for long story-lines and quests. How can it be? Because of the constant pressure of frequent zombie attacks, the vast imbalance in numbers and the lack of any guaranteed safe zones or resupply, Player Characters will be constantly on the run, focused more on surviving the next ten minutes than achieving any long term goals. They have no time for exploring or solving puzzles; they are more worried about the horde of zombies chasing after them (there is always a horde of zombies chasing after the player characters in Zombiepocalypse!) or where they are going to find more ammunition for the nearly empty guns. Plus, it doesn't help that Player Characters are so quick to die; what may have been an imperative for one PC may be unimportant to the next.

Rather than use pre-written adventures, it is strongly recommended that GameMasters let the story develop naturally, with Players bouncing from one encounter to the next. Of course, the majority of encounters in Zombiepocalypse are fairly easy to set up; the Player Characters visit a new location and zombies jump them; the Players can choose to fight, hide or run away. Quick, easy and versatile, this sort of encounter should form the bulk of the adventures.

But at the same time, there needs to be some variety; if all the encounters are essentially the same, it won't be too long before both Players and GameMaster will start to become bored. A good GM knows to add some spice to the adventure; not every encounter has to use zombies, and not all the choices need to be fight, run or hide.

To aid the harried GM, below are a selection of encounters that can further developed and fit into almost any adventure. These include a variety of situations; some are merely quiet moments or discoveries for ambiance. Others allow the Player Characters to stretch their role-playing skills in encounters with other Living survivors; perhaps they will try to talk their way into the NPC's good graces (or out of their bad graces, as the case may be). Other situations may offer the Players an opportunity to explore or restock dwindling supplies. And yes, some involve zombies too.

While the Random Adventure generator helps GMs create the start and overall setting of the adventure, the Adventure hooks below are there to help GMs fill in everything that happens once the adventure actually starts. They are intentionally brief and generic so that they can more easily be worked into any adventure. These should not be considered the only possible encounters; they are merely a sampling provided to aid GameMasters.

Using Encounter Hooks
GameMaster's should familiarize themselves with the list below. As a general rule, the Player Character's should have an encounter every thirty minutes or half mile of travel (if walking). Scroll through the list and select any encounter that seems interesting or appropriate to the situation (alternately, but strongly not recommended, you could roll 24 dice, add them altogether, subtract 23 from the total and use the result to select from the numbered list below). Many encounter hooks offer suggestions on how to vary the encounters even further. For added diversity, use the Random Encounter Generator to add even more variance to each situation.

Determine which encounter hook you want to use, then roll a die to determine which modifiers to add. Additional survivors or modifiers will either be visible at the start of the encounter or will appear shortly after the PCs begin to interact with the encounter.

1-2 Zombies: Aware of the characters and heading towards them
3-4 Zombies: Unaware of characters
5 Survivors: May be hostile or helpful
6: Environmental Effect
1 Nearby Explosion or other loud noise that may attract the undead
2 Thunder or lightning flash which may attract undead and highlight the player's position
3 Nearby crash (automobile, plane, building collapse, etc)
4 Animals running by
5 Distant Sounds of survivors (car driving by, gunfire, yelling, slamming door, etc)
6 Change of weather (rain, sunshine, fog, dawn/dusk, etc)

Encounter Hooks List
1) Their Twilight Years - an elderly couple are found sitting hand-in-hand on a park bench. They are dead, having gone out of the world together rather than face the undead hordes.

2) Homeless - A vagabond walks down the middle of the street, pushing a shopping trolley with a squeaky wheel containing all his worldly goods. For whatever reason, the undead have not (yet) descended upon him

3) Childlike Innocence - The screech of children at play can be heard from afar. Several kids are screaming and chasing one another in play. They either don't know about the Zombiepocalypse or have chosen to ignore it for a few hours of fun

4) The Jogger - Ever since his last heart-attack, he's taken to jogging six miles every day and no damn Zombiepocalypse is going to stop him. Dressed in sweatpants, he may be a slightly crazed health-nut or an undead still following his old routine. Either way, he ignores the PCs unless they actively draw attention to themselves.

5) Biker Gang - These boys barely noticed the Zombiepocalypse has started. Hard-drinking and fast driving, they aren't actively hostile but don't take no shit from no one. Even the undead seem to leave them alone. May be encountered as they roar by on the road or by stumbling upon their camp.

6) Suicide - He just can't take it anymore. The PCs encounter this lost soul just moments before he snuffs it (method varies depending on situation). PCs can try to save him or watch him do himself in. He comes back as a zombie if they allow the latter.

7) Man of God - A priest wanders the land, blessing the dead and reconciling the living. He does not know why God allowed the Zombiepocalypse to happen but he still has faith that the Word will prevail.

8) The Doctor - A harried, sad-eyed doctor wanders the land, offering what care he can to the survivors. He's seen too much death but refuses to give up. He has the equivalent of two medkits on him, and he will use it on the party's behalf if they ask.

9) The Last Open Store - A well-fortified convenience store is manned by an equally well-armed shopkeep. The Zombiepocalypse won't keep him from making an honest buck. Is willing to sell or trade his goods to well-behaved patrons

10) The Party Boat - Facing the end of the world, a bunch of Bros got together, scavenged up a boat fullof booze, and took to the water to celebrate the fall of civilization. More nihilistic than anything, they have no plans on what to do after the beer runs out.

11) The Raft - A small but deep pond with a swim raft anchored in the middle; a lone survivor is trapped on the raft. Zombies prowl the edge (and bottom) of the pond. He yells for help as soon as he sees the PCs.

12) Deer Hunter - A man - either alive or dead - sits on a perch up in a tree. He was deer hunting and got caught up there when the undead came a'calling. He has a nice rifle.

13) Crashed Helicopter - Might be a news copter, or military or private. Not repairable, there may be survivors. PCs may encounter this on the ground or may witness the crash.

14) Crashed Small Plane - Small private plane. Not repairable, there may be survivors. PCs may encounter this on the ground or may witness the crash.

15) Crashed Airliner - Large airliner. Definitely not repairable, there may be survivors and almost certainly are undead in the area (possibly from the plane itself or attracted by the impact). PCs may encounter this on the ground or may witness the crash.

16) Sheriff - Just because the undead are wandering the world and eating people is no reason to break the law! Probably nuts, he definitely looks down on vagabonds carrying guns and shooting his "citizens", alive or dead. He demands they give up their weapons and possibly wants to arrest them for their crimes

17) Talking Dumpster - A frightened survivor has taken shelter in a dumpster. As they get near, he tells them (through the closed lid) to "Go away!" He has no desire to join them.

18) Machine-gun Nest - A military checkpoint consisting of a ring of sandbags and a mounted machine-gun. May still be manned by soldiers, or may have been abandoned or overrun.

19) Man Trapped On Roof - He fled to his roof when the undead invade his home, and now he can't get down. He has no supplies, no weapons and no hope. He may or may not call for help when he sees the PCs

20) Lone Rider - He may be riding a horse, bicycle or motorcycle. He zooms past the player characters with no intention of stopping.

21) Crying Child - A small child walks down the street, crying. He's lost his mommy and is scared.

22) Crying baby - The sound of a baby crying is heard coming from a nearby house

23) Sports Fans - Two survivors wander the world. They are armed with sports gear from their favorite sport (tennis, football, baseball, horseshoes, whatever) that has proven to be surprisingly effective.

24) Burnt-out Car - A burnt out car in the middle of the street. May still be on fire. No survivors, although zombies may be attracted to the wreck

25) Tremendous Crash - A five or six car pile-up blocks the road. If there are any survivors, they are badly injured. The interiors of the cars are all bloody and the cars are a wreck. There may be useful gear to be scavenged, but the area is swarming with undead.

26) Out-of-control Car - The PCs witness a car swerve out of control, flip over and crash. The cause of the crash can be anything from a zombie in the road, a zombie in the car, a bumblebee in the car, a drunk driver or anything else you can think of. The driver has survived the crash but is Injured, and zombies are approaching

27) Slaver - He's a man with Needs but no Morals, and now there's no law to stop him! Leading a coffle of women behind him, he leads his "harem" to his hideout where he can do unspeakable things to his prisoners.

28) Bandit Roadblock - They've blocked the road and nobody is getting by without paying a toll. Well armed and viscous, they may demand anything from money, to ammo, to one of the PCs as their slave.

29) Military Roadblock - The army ordered these soldiers to keep people from going down this road and these privates intend on keeping to their mission. Well armed and scared, but willing to listen to reason

30) On-The-Go Survivors - A small band of survivors pass by on a mission of their own, whether that is finding a safe place, looking for supplies, or out to rescue a comrade. Not too well armed, they are not actively hostile to the PCs. Although willing to accept - and offer - help, they do not wish to abandon their mission.

31) Dead Death-mobile - After watching too much A-Team(tm), some canny survivors welded some aluminum sheeting and barbed wire to their van, then weaponized it with spikes and a snow-plow. This was their Death-mobile and their ticket out of this hell-hole. The PCs find it wrecked and empty, having failed at its mission.

32) Fast Car - Street value: $270,000. Color: cherry red. Gas tank: full. It's in perfect condition, and it's sitting there in the middle of the road. The keys are even in the ignition. Who left it there, and why?

33) Trap - Perhaps a claymore, or a pit-trap, or bear-trap or any sort of IED or similar. The Player Characters can either trip the trap, see it beforehand, or see someone else trigger the trap. Who left it, and was it intended to protect against the living or the dead?

34) The Living Dead - A mad man has come to the conclusion that if you can't beat them, join them. Although still living himself, he has taken on the attributes of the undead; he moans and staggers about, attacks the living and eats their flesh. The other undead are usually not fooled but that doesn't stop him.

35) Scavenger - He's looking for stuff that will help him to survive. He may be on his own or be working for a larger group. He knows all the hidden ways to get past the zombies, and knows where to find some good loot. He prefers to run rather than fight, but may be convinced to trade gear or information.

36) Hero - Just when things look bleakest for the Player Characters, he arrives and saves the day. He gets them out of their bind and then takes off to help somebody else. Well armed, there doesn't seem to be anything he can't handle. He has no desire to join the Player Characters, prefering to continue his crusade on his own. For added pathos, have him rescue the PCs on multiple occassions, only for the Player Characters to later find his corpse.

37) Fortified Survivors - This small band has found a place to hole up and they are making the best of it. The windows are boarded up, they have scavenged supplies from the surrounding area, they may even have set up some traps. Wary of strangers, they may offer help to the Player Characters but are unlikely to want to join forces.

38) Tree-house - An impressively large and well-built tree-house in somebody's backyard. It may be occupied by a survivor, or perhaps it is just waiting for the Player characters. While not large enough to serve as a real base, it makes a terrific outpost or hidey-hole.

39) Wild Dogs - A pack of ten+ dogs wanders the streets. Perhaps they are house-pets gone feral, or strays looking for something to eat. They may confront the Player Characters, or perhaps the PCs see them in an epic battle with a bunch of zombies.

40) Animal Trainer - Some men use guns to survive; this guy has five big dogs. They'll rip apart anyone he tells them to, and even zombies seem to give way to him. Alternately, the trainer might use bears, big cats or other exotic animals.

41) Wrong Way Zombies - A big horde of zombies, all headed away from the player characters. Can the PCs get by without being noticed, and where are they headed anyway?

42) "Sleeping" Zombies - A small horde of zombies stand out in the open. Although their eyes are open, they seem unaware of their surroundings. Unless the PCs draw undue attention to themselves, it is possible to walk right through the horde without waking them up.

43)PETZ (People for the Ethical Treatment of Zombies) - "They're still people, man! Don't kill your brothers and sisters!" Despite the horrors the zombies have inflicted upon the world, this pair still insist it is wrong to "kill" the undead, and will do everything they can to prevent the PCs from "murdering" these innocent victims.

44) Confused Undead - Two small hordes of zombies have for some unknown reason taken it into their heads that the other horde are living, and are battling it out. The PCs can watch as they tear themselves limb from limb, but they'd better hope that they don't attract the notice of the undead or both hordes will immediately forget their conflict and descend on the Player Characters.

45) Good Samaritan - Chased by zombies, a helpful voice yells to the PCs "This way!" as he covers their retreat with gunfire and molotov cocktails. He offers shelter and supplies to the Player Characters and may even join them if they offer up a convincing argument

46) Undead Driver - A zombie is stuck in its car, unable to escape its seatbelt. It will try to attack anyone walking by the car by smashing through the window and grabbing a nearby victim. Just be glad it can't actually drive.

47) Scientists - They know what caused the Zombiepocalypse, they say. Maybe they can even cure it, if only the players help them. Are they right, or are they just madmen?

48) Flying Helicopter - A helicopter whizzes overhead. Where did it come from and where is it going? The players can try to backtrack its flightpath or follow it.

49) Sniper - A bullet zips by just inches away from a Player Character's ear. There is a sniper nearby, perched somewhere high up (a cliff, a tree, a church). That may have been a warning shot not to get any closer, or perhaps it was aimed to kill and the PCs just lucked out. Is the sniper a potential ally or some sort of bandit or madman?

50) The Pyro - He likes fire and explosions, but until the Zombiepocalypse he was unable to act on his desires. Well, now there is nobody to stop him and he wants to see the world burn! Although not actively hostile to the Player Characters, he will wander the world and set fires to buildings, forests, anything. The PCs may get caught in his blazes at any time.

51) Looter - Unlike scavengers, who search for useful equipment, looters are on the look out for luxury items like big-screen TVs and jewelry, even though these things don't really hold much value in the Zombiepocalypse. Not too bright and usually suspicious of strangers, they have little to offer the Player Characters.

52) Beached Ship - A large boat or small ship, now occupied by survivors and used as their offshore fortress. Relatively secure against both zombies and bandits, it can be an imposing target or a safe fortress.

53) Gorge/Ravine - A narrow ravine or gorge cuts across the PCs path. It is just wide enough - barely - to jump; do the Player Character's risk the dangerous leap or go out of their way to find a safer route?

54) Pit with Zombies - A large hole or basement filled with zombies. The undead can't get out without assistance, but neither can anyone else unlucky enough to fall into the hole. The PCs can safely bypass it, although perhaps it could be used as a trap against other survivors.

55) Abandoned Fortified House - Once survivors lived here and did everything they could to make it safe. The walls and doors were boarded up and supplies were stockpiled. But now the house is empty. Perhaps they were driven out and the house shows signs of forced entry (albeit still repairable) or perhaps they left for other reasons, leaving a perfectly good base behind.

56) Firemen - Once they were a group of volunteer firemen but when the Zombiepocalypse rolled around, they stuck together in hopes of bettering their odds of survival. Used to working together in adverse conditions, they are not heavily armed but have big fire axes and the strength to use it. They also have a giant firetruck too. They might just be survivors trying to make a go of things, or bandits, or perhaps they are still in the rescue business, except now they put down zombies instead of putting out fires.

57) The Crying Indian - A cliche Native American, he sadly wanders the land after watching the undead kill his family. With the end of "the white man's world" he has returned to his roots, and lives off the land. The zombies don't bother him much.

58) Shaolin Monk - He knows kung-fu, and it shows! A survivor wandering the world, he is armed only with his fists of steel, but those are more than enough to keep him safe. Zombies do bother him... just not for long.

59) Homemade Tank - Take one bulldozer, and cover it with sheet metal and barbed wire. It's a homemade tank, and the players find it abandoned but in perfect working order. Unfortunately, it isn't quite the windfall it at first appears to be; it is slow, noisy, uses a lot of gasoline, only can carry one or two people in safety, and doesn't offer quite as much protection as you might expect.

60) Real Tank - It's a battle-tank or armored fighting vehicle! Just what every survivor wants! Except this one doesn't work; it doesn't have gas, or its engine is broken, or it is stuck in some hole and can't get out.

61) Fighter Planes - Far overhead, a pair of military fighter planes zooms past. Is this a sign that there is still a functioning military prescence somewhere? The players can try to follow them back to their base.

62) Man Dying on Side of Road - He's on the ground, moaning and near death. Perhaps he is severely injured, or maybe just starving; in any case, it is obvious he won't be long for this world without assistance. Do the PCs help him or just walk on by?

63) Somebody Else For Once - A man is being attacked and dragged down by some zombies. The undead have not yet noticed the Player Characters. They can try to help the victim or just try to sneak past.

64) Gunshots in Distance - The PCs hear gunfire in the near distance. They can follow the sound if they choose, but at most all they will find is some bloodstains and spent bullet casings. Who was shooting at whom, and why, will forever remain a mystery.

65) Old Farmer Bob - An old, ornery farmer, he has no time for strangers no matter how much in need. Don't mess with his property or his daughters or you'll be face-to-face with his trusty double-barreled shotgun.

66) Military Base - A small military outpost. The soldiers might still be trying to keep order, or perhaps they have gone rogue. Either way, they are likely to look upon armed survivors with anything like trust.

67) Dizzy Zombie - Around and around he goes, forever in a circle. Why is this zombie on this endless cycle? Nobody knows, but it pays no attention to anything, even passing survivors.

68) Dead Livestock - A small group of undead are clustered around the gory remains of a pig, sheep or cow. They'll move to tastier meat if the PCs attract undue attention to themselves.

69) Bandits on the Road - A wandering gang of thugs, well armed and ruthless. They are looking for victims, and the Player Characters may be just what they hoped to find. The bandits may have a base nearby or may be wanderers just looking to snatch whatever they can get their hands on.

70) Cannibals - They look at first as if they are a well-equipped (and fed) band of survivors, but they have a deep, dark secret. They may be villains who try to trick any strangers into their larder, or they may be ashamed of what they have to do to survive and just want the PCs to go away before they learn the truth.

71) Circus Is In Town - Nothing says the end of civilization more than lions, zebras, giraffes or monkeys wandering through the urban jungle. Whether the PCs actually interact with these animals or not, they are sure to remind the Players that all is not right with the world.

72) Survivalists - These people were prepared for the Zombiepocalypse. Well, maybe not the Zombiepocalypse in particular, but any disaster. They have guns, ammo, fuel, food, medical supplies and a well-fortified home. They also have a serious lack of compassion for anyone who did not similarly prepare themselves, and great distrust of any strangers. Rich and arrogant as they are, they make a great target but is it worth the risk?

73) The Animals Know - A sudden quiet falls as all the animals and birds go silent; something is up. Then, all of a sudden, flocks of birds or a horde of rats run in the opposite direction that the PCs are travelling. They take no notice of the PCs unless the Player Characters try to stop their flight. What has frightened these animals? This encounter may lead to another one, or it just may be an eerie moment.

74) Soldiers On The March - The Player Characters come across a small squad of soldiers. These warriors may be on a mission or patrol and can lead the PCs back to the base, or perhaps the soldiers are in need of aid themselves. Alternately, the soldiers may have recently gone AWOL and just want to be left alone, or have left the service and turned bandit.

75) Survivor Caravan Passing By - Three or four cars drive by; fairly well equipped and armed, these survivors are on the road and are looking for a place of relative safety. Not actively hostile to the PCs, they may be willing to trade supplies and information but are unlikely to join forces. The Player Characters may be able to get them to stop for awhile, but these guys will want to get back on the road soon enough

76) Attacked Survivor Caravan - This small group of survivors thought they were prepared for the worst, but when the PCs come across them, the Zombiepocalypse will show them how wrong they were. The attack may still be in progress - and the PCs can choose to offer their assistance or wait it out - or the Player Characters may come across the wreckage.

77) Boat by the shore - The PCs come across a body of water and - either beached or floating near the shore - is a small rowboat or canoe. Inside the boat is a man (either dead or undead) and possibly some supplies.

78) Fortified Mansion - He was rich and powerful before the Zombiepocalypse and even though his money might not be worth anything now, this land owner is still a force to be reckoned with. He has well-armed bodyguards and a walled estate; he might not have been actively preparing for the End of Civilization, but now that it's here he's not going to let it ruin his day. Perhaps he was a corporate raider or a drug dealer but either way he's ruthless and isn't averse to the idea of creating his own little feudal kingdom.

79) The Knight Errant - He might not be "all there", but at least his heart is in the right place. With a costume sword and scavenged armor, he wanders the land and brings "justice" to the "monsters" and the "evil-doers" who cross his path, while striving to "bring succor" to the "helpless". In which category he places the PCs is entirely up to them and their actions.

80) The Vixen - She's a lady in distress, and she's looking to the PCs for aid. Beautiful and seemingly helpless, she will follow the PCs begging for their assistance. But watch out, because as soon as their backs are turned she will steal their stuff and make a run for it. She might even be a spy for some bandits!

81) Con-Artist - He says he has what the Player Characters need - food, guns, medicine, information - but he's all talk and no action. His gear will be shoddy or his information will be outdated or outright lies

82) Car Chased By Zombies - A car zips by, followed shortly thereafter by a small horde of zombies. The PCs can try to flag down the car (and risk getting overrun). Whether the undead notice the PCs depends on how close they are to the road. You may wish to have the PCs discover the wreckage of the car in a later encounter.

83) Starving Man - He hasn't eaten for days, and now he's found food! He's cramming it into his mouth as fast as he can, and is paying no attention to the world around him. This means he doesn't see those zombies approaching from behind. The PCs can intervene or not; if they do save the man he will be friendly and helpful and may possibly even join the Player Characters... but not before he eats some more food first.

84) Signs of Struggle - The PCs come across evidence of a fight, although the actual participants are long gone. Blood-stains, spent bullet casings, maybe even some bodies are all signs of some sort of conflict. There may be a few undead lingering about but nobody living.

85) Dead Friend - He and his friends fought the good fight, and he paid the ultimate price. His friends gave him whatever honor they could - even if it was just putting a cloth over his face - and then moved on. A poignant scene to remind the Player Characters of their own mortality.

86) Graffiti - Some post-Zombipocalypse graffiti scrawled on a wall. It may be a scathing indictment of how the government handled the disaster, a warning about nearby dangers, or a message to lost loved ones.

87) Burning House - A nearby building is on fire and screams of desperation can be heard from within. Do the PCs risk their lives trying to rescue the victims or walk on by? Either way, the Undead are likely to be attracted to the area.

88) Abandoned Weapon or Gear - The PCs make a lucky find; a usable weapon, a medkit, some food or other useful equipment has been tossed aside by some other survivor. Why the stranger abandoned such valuable gear nobody knows, but it is the Player Character's gear now, if they want it. Of course, the original owner may show up later to reclaim his property...

89) Field of Bodies - This large field, playground, plaza, etc. is strewn with dead bodies. The corpses are just lying there, rotting in the sun. They may have been killed by undead, the army, or bandits but now it is just a gruesome scene. A few of the bodies may be undead, but it is impossible to tell which are which.

90) Circling Birds - In the near distance, scavenger birds (crows, vultures, etc.) are circling overhead, cawing and screeching. Perhaps they have been driven out of their nests by something or someone, or maybe they are waiting for somebody to die so they can feast.

91) Bloody Stream - A small stream, rivulet or outflow dribbles past. It would be quite prosaic if the water wasn't tinged with red; somewhere upstream something is bleeding into the water.

92) Distant Explosion - A loud explosion can be heard in the distance, although the PCs can't actually see it. Perhaps a car exploded, or somebody threw a grenade, or even triggered an explosive trap. The Player Characters may be able to follow the noise to its source.

93) Nearby Scream - Suddenly, somebody is heard screaming nearby. It could be somebody calling for help, or being attacked.

94) Howling Dogs - Either the mournful howl of the wolf or the yipping or baying of dogs, it indicates that there are canines nearby. Should the PCs investigate, the dogs may be hungry and hostile, or they might be guard dogs of a survivor encampment, or it could just be some lonely pooch glad to find a new master

95) Distant Battle - In the distance, the PCs can see a battle between two groups. It could be between the living and the undead, or between the living. If they hurry, the PCs can get there in time to help one side or the other (although they may attract notice of wandering undead), or they could just wait it out and scavenge the remains.

96) Stoner - Dude! Whatever this guy is on, it is strong stuff; he doesn't even know that the dead are walking and civilization has collapsed. How he has survived is a mystery.

97) Bitten Man - Although not badly hurt, this man has taken a nasty bite from the Undead. Already the infection rages through his body and soon he will join the ranks of the Unliving. When the PCs come across him, he may try to hide his injury so he can join them, or try to drive them away for their own good.

98) The Hanging / Retribution - The Player Characters run across some poor sod that has met a gruesome fate at the hands of the living. Perhaps they have hanged him, or crucified him, or just chopped off his hands and feet and left him to die. Whatever his crime was, it died with him.

99) Sobbing Man - The horrors of the Zombiepocalypse has suddenly caught up with him, and this man is quietly crying to himself.

100) Blood and Gore - Whatever happened here, it was messy. Blood is splattered all over the walls and street, as are far too many body parts. It may have been an explosion, or a horde of ravenous zombies, but whatever it was it left a red streak on the terrain that is impossible to miss. The gore may attract undead, or the PCs may be blamed for the attrocity by other survivors.

101) Old Camp - Other survivors have stayed the night here a day or two ago. A dead campfire, litter and other signs indicate that several people spent some hours resting here. This may indicate this is a safe area, or perhaps even now the undead are homing in on the camp. The survivors may also return to the area.

102) Signs of Passage - There are clear signs that somebody passed through the area recently. It may have been survivors or undead. The trail can be followed or avoided, whatever the Player Characters chose.

103) Official Signs - "Safe Area 2 Miles" or "Do Not Cross - Quarantine Zone". These are some of the signs the PCs may encounter; the last official notices by a government struggling to control the Zombiepocalypse. The signs may still have meaning, or perhaps they are just vestiges of the collapse.

104) Saying Goodbye - A Survivor says farewell to a badly Injured or recently deceased friend. Said friend may come back from the dead if he is taken care of beforehand. PCs may need to intervene, or may just want to loot the corpse. Depending on how they approach the situation, the surviving Survivor may join them or may see them as enemies.

105) Struggling Family - A mother (or father) is leading two small children through the undead wasteland; obviously ill-prepared for the disaster, they are unlikely to survive for long on their own. Do the PCs let them walk on by or offer their help?

106) Fenced In Enclosure - A handful of survivors are holed up in a fenced in area. With no real supplies and no easy way out, all that stands between them and death is the chain-link fence.

107) Teasing Zombies - Several zombies are trapped in a pit or fenced in enclosure; the undead cannot escape from the trap. Several none-too-smart Survivors are poking and teasing the zombies. If the Player Characters watch long enough, the aggravated undead manage a final revenge when one of the Survivors gets too close.

108) Broken Bridge - A bridge crosses a narrow river or gorge. Unfortunately, the bridge is broken. On the other side is a Survivor being chased by the undead; he begs the PCs for help in getting across. Alternately, it could be the Player Characters who are being chased by enemies and need to convince the Survivor on the other side to help them!

109) Survivor Trapped In Car - A Survivor has been somehow been trapped in his car and needs the assistance of the PCs to get out of that prediciment. Add approaching zombies for added flavor.

110) The Saviors - The Player Characters find themselves in a deadly predicament but - just in the nick of time - a gang of well-armed Survivors rides to their rescue. However, the PCs soon discover that this assistance does not come for free when the gang demands payment for services rendered.

111) Suicide By Zombie - In the near distance a man is heard shouting epithets at the undead; if they approach, the PC discover a Survivor, driven to grief by the Zombiepocalypse, trying to end his life with a fight to the death with an approaching zombie horde. If rescued, he may or may not be grateful for the intervention.

112) The Innocent - The Player Characters run into a hermit or shut-in who has somehow not heard about the Zombiepocalypse.

113) The Victim - A recently mugged Survivor stumbles down the road, having just lost all his weapons and equipment to bandits. He may try to get the PCs to help him reclaim his property; alternately, he may be a ringer working for the bandits to lure others into a trap.

114) Lights In The Distance - In the distance, lights - be it in a far off building or a campfire in the woods - indicate the presence of other Survivors.

115) Broken Radio - A barely functioning radio is found. Although it cannot transmit and can barely receive, the static-filled message seems to indicate the presence of other survivors. Alternately, it could be an automated message leading the unwary to aid that no longer exists.

116) Joyride - A slightly manic Survivor has discovered a piece of heavy equipment (a garbage truck, bulldozer, street-sweeper, etc) and is taking it for a joyride down the street. Although the machine easily runs over any zombies in front of it, many other undead hang off of it or are following it behind and the driver's ultimate fate seems certain unless the PCs intervene.

117) Abandoned Loot - Valuable or luxury items such as money, jewelry or big-screen televisions are scattered across the road. Although once symbols of wealth, they are now useless.

118) Unlooted Store - Bonanza! The Player Characters come across a store, warehouse or business that - for whatever reason - has not yet been looted. Inside, they can find more supplies than they could possibly carry. The building itself is not easily defensible, leaving the Player Characters with the choice of grabbing what they can and moving on, or trying to protect an easy target.

119) Pastoral Scene - It looks calm and peaceful, but does this little pastoral scene hide dark secrets or is it as safe as it first appears?

120) Besieged Survivors - A band of survivors has holed up and fortified their base, but now they are under assault by zombies or bandits. Do the PCs offer assistance or do they just wait until it is all over so they can pick over the remains?

Notice 1 
ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE is still in development. Although playable, the system is not complete. Not all the rules have been written and those that have been are subject to change at any time. And editing for clarity and readability is low priority. Despite being made available to the public on this website, ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE is still considered to be in beta form. You have been warned.
Notice 2
The Roleplaying Game System currently known as ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE is being made available to the public for free for their enjoyment and use. However, the author maintains all rights towards its distribution and development. You are free to view or download the rules and make use of them in any game sessions for the personal use of you and your friends. You are not free to redistribute the rules in any way, nor are you allowed to make any derivative works from it.

In English, this means you are free to download this game and play it amongst friends. You are not allowed to give the rules away to anyone else (redirect them to this website instead), nor can you take these rules and create a derivative work from them.

For more complete licensing information, please see our License page.
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