As the GameMaster, it is up to you to create a living (and sometimes UnLiving) world with which your players will interact. Into your hands falls the responsibility of not only describing the cities and towns that the Player Characters will visit, but also all the task of controlling any other Survivors or other Monsters they will encounter. Finally, it will be up to you to arbitrate any conflicts, using the dice, the rulebook, and your own common sense.

It can be a challenging task, but a very rewarding one.

No adventure takes place in a vacuum. It is up to the GameMaster to provide a setting for the Players, a location where they will interact with each other and any Monsters they encounter. In essence, you will be creating an entire world.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to create a whole and complete world. After all, it will be impossible for the players to visit every possible location. In fact, during most adventures, the player characters will likely only travel a short distance from where they started. Furthermore, Zombiepocalypse's style of gameplay does not lend itself to thoughtful, progressive exploration; their characters will likely be under great pressure to keep moving lest they become targets for the Undead. Interactions with other Survivors will likely be infrequent and short, with neither side willing to linger for long conversations. This greatly limits the amount of work necessary for the GM, who need only worry about a small area that the Players might traverse and far fewer characters than might be found in other role-playing games. In fact, it is perfectly possible to run a Zombiepocalypse game without any preparation at all.

- Locations
The first thing to consider in an adventure is where the game will take place. Will the players be fleeing from the Undead in the dark of some immense forest, or cowering in the Underground of some mighty city? Where the adventure takes place will have a great effect on the overall adventure, as it will not only determine the style of gameplay but also what resources and opponents the players will face. Stuck out in the countryside, the players are less likely to be attacked by vast numbers of Undead, and thus will be more likely to explore. Of course, resources – weapons, allies, or even safe houses – will be more spread out as well, making the management of their equipment essential to survival. On the other hand, in the close quarters of a city, Monsters – both Living and Dead – will be more common, and sightlines will be far shorter. Adventures will tend to be less expansive, as players rely more on stealth to creep from one safe spot to the next. But there is a higher availability of weapons (guns or otherwise), food or medical supplies, not to mention a higher likelihood of discovering allies.

- Starting
- Monsters
- Time
- Players
- Goals
- Encounters
- Ending An Adventure
- Random Adventures

Determining Difficulty (CAOS)
-Character choices
- Actions
- Opponents
- Skills

- Surprise
- Attacking
- Conditional Modifiers
- Thrown Weapons
- Grappling
- Movement
- Actions During Combat
- Non-Lethal Combat

Playing Monsters
- The Zombies
- Type of Undead
- Advantages and Disadvantages
- Frequency
- Abilities
- Escaping
- Survivors
- Friendly
- Unfriendly
- Frequency
- Equipment
- Allying
- Pursuit
- Avoiding Detection
- Retreating
- New Monsters

Equipment and Loot
- Starting Gear
- Found Gear
- Losing Gear
- Fixing and Modifying
- Ammunition
- Damaged Gear (Optional Rule)

Safe Houses
- Locating
- Building
- Siege

Surviving The Zombiepocalypse
- Food & Water
- Illness and Injury
- Medicine and Disease
- Shelter
- Supplies
- Opponents

Notice 1 
ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE is still in development. Although playable, the system is not complete. Not all the rules have been written and those that have been are subject to change at any time. And editing for clarity and readability is low priority. Despite being made available to the public on this website, ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE is still considered to be in beta form. You have been warned.
Notice 2
The Roleplaying Game System currently known as ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE is being made available to the public for free for their enjoyment and use. However, the author maintains all rights towards its distribution and development. You are free to view or download the rules and make use of them in any game sessions for the personal use of you and your friends. You are not free to redistribute the rules in any way, nor are you allowed to make any derivative works from it.

In English, this means you are free to download this game and play it amongst friends. You are not allowed to give the rules away to anyone else (redirect them to this website instead), nor can you take these rules and create a derivative work from them.

For more complete licensing information, please see our License page.
(c) 2013 Spalls Hurgenson

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